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 By Ångbryggeriet | Three-course meal for SEK 399 

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good food. cheap food.

For SEK 399, we offer a three-course meal that tastes more than it costs. 

Unglamorous - Cheap restaurant Piteå. With a relaxed concept and decent prices, every visit becomes a new story. Cheap, nice and tasty! 

Restaurant Unglamorous 

Bryggargatan 14 Piteå

0911 - 10 444

Friday17:00 - 23:00

Saturday 17:00 - 23:00

Image by matthew reyes

We are looking for staff.

January & February

Here is our menu for January and February.

It's simple, you choose a starter, main course and dessert. The price is always SEK 399/person, regardless of how you choose your dinner.


There is also a wholesale dinner but it costs a little more and includes a lot more.

You will find that menuhere.

We work with classic dishes that belong to the present and the past. New meets old. It may sound simple but we want to create a completely new meeting place and do something different. You will want to come back and eat those tasty meatballs.

It is easy,

It is good,

It's Unglamorous.


Classic toast skagen

Hand-peeled prawns, mayonnaise, lemon, red onion and sikrom

Carpaccio on beef fillet

Thinly sliced beef fillet is topped with grated swedjanos, potato chips, truffle mayonnaise and roasted pine nuts

Caprese with tomato and mozzarella

Thinly sliced tomato is alternated with mozzarella, basil and basil oil


Main course

Venison meatballs

Served with a creamy cognac sauce, pressed cucumber, raw stir-fried lingonberries with punch and mashed potatoes

Sirloin steak

Served with béarnaise sauce and freshly fried fries

Fish & Seafood stew

Served with salmon, cod and crayfish tails in a creamy lobster soup with carrot and fennel



Crème Brûlée 

Do we need to say anything more?

Chocolate Bavaroise

Topped with raspberry panna cotta and roasted white chocolate


Få ny info först av alla - signa upp dig på vårt nyhetsbrev!

Tack för att du prenumererar!

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